Tracy and Carl are really the best!

Tracy and Carl are really the best. We were in the Twin Cities looking for a “retirement home” (don’t people usually go south not north to retire?? another story) and only had Thanksgiving weekend to find something we liked. Tracy prepared so well and sent us many options to look at ahead of time, then shuttled us around to our most favorite places for the bulk of the weekend. We changed our budget and our wants several times throughout the weekend as we were looking. None of this phased her at all. She calmly retooled and we found the PERFECT home. Tracy presented the offer, negotiated it expertly and we will be retiring in our house in a few years (for the moment our son is using it and that’s another story too…) The Baglio’s service, smarts, and knowledge of the market are the best and for an ‘out-of-towner’ especially their work was incredible. Everything was organized and tailored to us. You just can’t find that anymore. If you are relocating to the Twin Cities they are incredible – use them. I also suggested Carl and Tracy to my sister (not a relocation) and they found her the perfect home in White Bear as well.

— Bill & Laurie Hamen , Buyer